BORROWED VIEW 231                                                                                 

This installation is one section of Borrowed View 231. The work consists of 77 repeated sculptural forms, displayed in straight lines on one perspex form suspended from the ceiling.  Under each sculptural form are equally as many coloured drawings each different from the next one. The installation refers to the Japanese expression „borrowed landscape“. A technique where vistas extend beyond a structure, into the distance. On each coloured drawing is one line from the poem Borrowed View 231 repeated differently on each drawing seventyseven times. A vital part of the installation is the projection of the drawings on the gallery wall, constant changes of scenery, the borrowed landscape. Gn


The idea for the sculpture Borrowed View 231 started by sketching last autumn at the University of Huddersfield England. There the necessary accurate measurement working drawing followed, for the purpose of making the sculpture. It progressed into a field of the same structure, where my focus was on the Japanese expression „borrowed landscape” When working on computer drawings, one is able to view the structure in so many different ways, like from the worms eye view and it was from there that the idea of a floating field of the repeated structure came to me. A decision had to be made about the scale and material. That could be gained by using Perspex as the transparent material and wood for the solid structures. I mostly work on over life size so with this sculpture I had to scale it down. I decided on an indoor work with all of its 231 forms included. In this work each form is repeated 7 x 33 times = 231 pieces in all. Each individual structure is a 9 stepped square pyramid, counting the ground/platform and where the top level of it will be at an eye-level of an average man. On one end of the pyramids top/platform is a wall across, blocking the view. At the wall´s bottom is a low opening across, there the spectator is offered the borrowed view through 7 x 33 rectangular windows.

There are other kind of drawings connected to the installation, drawings that pleases my mind, with the freedom of expression colour, text and lines. They are drawings related to the sculpture by form and name the bellsound an echo from the Daitoku-ji temple in Kyoto, Japan. The source of my inspiration.




Borrowed view

a distant landscape.


Day and night

merges as one.


Ascending the steps

scenery changes.


Integrated through

the sculptures perspective.


Distant landscape

eventually disappears.


GN Dec. 2011