For me there are two kinds of drawings.  The necessary accurate measurement working drawing, for the purpose of making a sculpture.  And then it is the drawing that pleases my mind, with the freedom of expression.

As a sculptor the first stage of the working process to make a piece of sculpture usually starts in my mind with an idea, but it can also start on paper or computer.

The idea then develops further stage by stage. When working on the computer forms can change and develop fast and easily, so different than working on paper. 

To work further on the idea and to make it real a drawing is a very helpful and necessary method in the working process.  A visual drawing is also an expression of information with lines, forms and measurement for me or others to work from. 

A measurement- or working drawing is a link in the process of making sculpture.  First the idea, then the drawing, then the model and finally the sculpture itself appears.

By making a good working drawing it can then be handed over to others to make the work without having to explain anything with words or hands.

For me there is also another kind of drawing.  For the sole purpose to please my mind after hard work.  It is still a drawing with its geometrical forms and lines.  I ad text and colour usually related to the name and form of a sculpture that I have been working on. 

This is what a drawing means to