• Work-trip to France September photography

  • Work-trip to England July photography

  • Work-trip in July to Jökulheimar the home of glaciers, situated in the lower part of the Tungná River on the edge of the Tungná Glacier, Iceland. The area around Jökulheimar is a barren wasteland of black sand and lava. Photography.

  • Work-trip to Berlin May photography

  • Work-trip to Scotland April photography

  • Work-trip to USA March studio work and photography

  • Work-trip to England February photography


  • Work-trip to USA November studio work and photography

  • Around 40 10th grade school students from Austurbæjarskóli Reykjavík, visited my exhibition Changes to learn more about recycled materials in our landscape

  • Mixed media 2D Canada July

  • Work-trip to Canada June photography

  • Work-trip to Spain Marts photography

  • Studio Work mixed media 2D USA January


  • Photography, colour work USA Descember

  • Invitation: In conversation with Caroline Douglas 21.Nov. In Phillips, Berkeley Square, London http://www.ukfriendsofnmwa.org/

  • shortlisted, Germany: images for start’18…to be used in promotion for the topic of the year 2018 “Sculpture and Architecture” by sculpture network

  • Invited to appear in sculpture network November’s Newsletter under the topic “sculpture network Featured artists“

  • Work-trip to Berlin August photography

  • Work-trip to Canada August photography

  • Work-trip to Spain July photography

  • Work-trip to Stockholm 8th June photography

  • Internationale Kunst Heute. Book launch Germany May

  • Work-trip to USA studio work 8th April – 3rd May

  • Work-trip to New York and Ottawa 25th March – 2nd April photography

  • Work-trip to Spain February painting


  • Selected the book publication „Internationale Kunst Heute – 2017“. https://www.internationalekunstheute.com/

  • Work-trip to London late November 23. Focus on photography

  • Work-trip to USA from late October working in mixed media

  • Work-trip to USA August working on paintings

  • Work-trip to Spain August 5. Focus on photography

  • Work-trip to London July 21. Focus on photography

  • Work-trip Washington D.C. May 31. Focus on photography

  • Landscape Iceland...work in progress May. working on paintings

  • Dialogue in London April. 5. ............ visiting the artist Antony Gormley in his studio http://www.sculpture-network.org/index.php?id=1809&L=1.

  • Zen Drawings January 24. .............working on Japanese calligraphy/Shodo and Zen drawings, ink and watercolours.


  • SKULPTUR Book launch in London 25.th June Edited by Royal British Society of Sculptors. Published by Hatje Cantz ISBN 978-3-7757-4043-2 http://www.hatjecantz.de/skulptur--6549-1.html

  • Work-trip to Stockholm 11.th June Focus on photography


  • Iceland Nú andar suðrið. Small scale wall work, mixed media. Commission.


  • Work-trip to Japan, November. Focus on Zen Buddhist Temples Kyoto.

  • Selected to participate in the AUTUMN EXHIBITION in Edsvik Konsthall, Sollentuna a renound art gallery in the areas of contemporary art..........participants from all over Scandinavia ……is one of Swedens largest jury based exhibitions for artists. 19.October -10.November http://www.edsvik.com/?p=6017 one of 99 artists

  • Selected to present my work to an audience of art professionals, mediators, artists, buyers & friends of the arts, during sculpture network's XII International Forum, "Sculpture lives on: from modernism to globalization" in the Netherlands 5 October 2013 one of 10 artists


  • Short course in photo plate lithography. “An alternative to stone lithography, this process enables hand drawn, photographic or digital film positives to be transferred onto lithographic plate and printed”. Leicester Print Workshop http://www.leicesterprintworkshop.com

  • Work-trips to England.

  • Two weeks worktrip to Australia. Amongst: Sidney, Blue Mountains.


  • Competition and selected to exhibit in an international exhibition at Edsvik Art Gallery in 2012 Sweden 05-27 May Theme:“European Sculpture - methods, materials, poetry” 102 artists applied and 47 were accepted

  • Competition and one of 15 International Artists selected for Drawing Symposium UK 2011 "Technologies of Drawing" sculpture network in cooperation with the University of Huddersfield

  • 2011 Invited to exhibit Absent Walls, sculpture and drawings. Listasalurinn / Art Gallery in IÐA Lækjargötu, Reykjavík 10th January - 5th of February


  • Competition and selected to exhibit my sculpture Labyrinth II and coloured drawings in the Exhibition "European Sculpture: Diversity and the difference in practice" "Nave Gallery" parco culturale Le Serre, Grugliasco, Turin, Italy. 30 participants selected

  • The installation of "Changes" in July of the monumental site specific sculpture for New Greenham Park, Berkshire, England. The nine part sculpture was fabricated at Benson-Sedgwick Engineering Ltd. London.

  • Competition and selected to exhibit the monumental sculpture Labyrinth for the summer exhibition in the Harold Martin Botanic Garden, University of Leicester.

  • Selected to exhibit "18 steps" the life size sculpture for the exhibition at the Art Parks Sculpture Festival, Guernsey. May – October

  • 2008 - 2010 Greenham Common Trust. Commission, competition winner.


  • sævarkarl, Reykjavík. Commission the Site Specific Sculpture "Button" for Sævar Karl Bankastræti, Reykjavík.

  • Competition and selected to exhibit the two monumental sculptures Obi V and Skylight in, Lincolnshire, England for the exhibition Celebration of British Sculpture.

  • 2009 Cont. work-drawings for fabrication in steel. Changes the monumental sculpture for New Greenham Park , Berkshire, England. Five of the nine part sculpture has been fabricated at BSE Dagenham, London. Work in progress for the final four forms.

  • Invited to exhibit the geometrical sculpture Five times One at the Art Parks Sculpture Festival, Guernsey. May – October

  • 2009 Competition and selected to exhibit in the Celebration of British Sculpture exhibition at the University of Leicester, RBS members.

  • 2009 Competition and selected to exhibit in The Womans Art Show Fairfields Arts Centre, Basingstoke, England 23rd Febr. - 14th March.


  • Competition and selected for the VII International Sculpture Symposium „Approaches to sculpture in the landscape“ in Leeds

  • Work-trip to Barcelona, Spain.

  • Changes monumental sculpture for New Greenham Park , Berkshire, England. Work in Progress.

  • Selected to exhibit my sculpture Obi in Kelsall, Cheshire, England.

  • Competition and selected for the exhibition Figure in Burghley Sculpture Garden, Stamford, England.

  • Sculpture Network, Pöcking, Germany. A new member.

  • SÍM The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavík, Iceland. A new member.

  • MB Garðatorg Garðabær, Iceland. Commission invited.


  • Cleveland Lakes Bird Hide Commission, England. Competition invited.

  • Competition and selected for the exhibition Time in Burghley Sculpture Garden, Stamford, England.

  • Selected to exhibit in Fortezza da basso, Florence Biennale Italy 1st - 9th December.

  • Work-trip to Florence, Italy.

  • Competition and selected to exhibit in Spectrum at Abbey House Gardens, Malmesbury, England 23rd July - September



  • Gallerí Sævars Karls Collection, Reykjavík, Iceland. Commission.


  • Ten days work-trip to Japan where I focused on the ancient Buddhist temples and Zen gardens of Kyoto. Amongst: Aichi, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, Tokyo.

  • Work-trip to Rome, Italy.


  • Private commissions. Zen coloured drawings. Paintings.


  • Two weeks work-trip to Japan. Special interest in ancient wooden architecture and Zen gardens of Kyoto.


  • Competition winner, monumental work erected at Westwood High School for Girls, London. Commission.

  • Westwood High School for Girls, London. Artist in residence.

  • Commission, invited to design and fabricate a water sculpture for The British Heart Foundation Laboratories, the Rayne Institute, University College London.


  • Competition invited, selected for final proposal. Sculpture for Wingfield Arts College Yard, Suffolk, England.


  • Competition invited, selected for final proposal. Monument Metro Public Art Commission in Newcastle City Centre, England.


  • Icelandic culture, Film and Art Exhibition at the Royal College of Art London. Curated by Gudrun Nielsen and Erla Kiernan.

  • Westwood High School for Girls, London. Artist in residence.

  • Winner. The Westwood High School Clockface Competition London, selected artists.


  • Forum on Sculpture and the Business Community the artists Gudrun Nielsen and Michael Kenny at the Corn Exchange Market Place,Newbury.

  • The Wybo Haas, England. Commission.

  • Folly Art '98 Festival & Workshops, Méréville, France. Artist in residence representing the UK. Invited.

  • 1st prize winner by the main entrance. The International Greenham Common Sculpture Competition. UK 150 participants. Commissioned by Greenham Trust http://www.greenhamtrust.com


  • Commissioned by Wybo Haas to design an award trophy, "David" which will be given annually to artists and writers from a wide range of disciplines, UK.


  • British Film Institute. Landmark Structure Competition for MOMI and NFT, South Bank London. Selected to participate in the Exhibition in RIBA, The Bartlett School, UCL London of selected work from the competition.


  • Invited to particepate in the National Glass Competition for the ITN building in London and to exhibit in Sir Norman Foster & Partners Gallery, Battersea, London. Selected work from the competition.